Common Lingerie Mistakes and How to Avoid

Common Lingerie Mistakes and How to Avoid

It’s easy to be careless about lingerie.  None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes but when it comes to bras and boobs, it’s important to get things right! Not only is getting it right crucial for your comfort and support, but for the lifespan of your beautiful new bras too. I’ve compiled a list of the most common lingerie mistakes, and I’m letting you know what you can do to fix that!

1. Buying panties too small

I still did it last week, can you figure. I were strolling in the middle of grey cotton panties (we each have a basic, okay), then I had to choose my size. S? M? S? M ?? No, no, but S, I’ve always done S, there’s no reason. Except that when I put them at home afterwards (who goes to the fitting room for underwear?), well I realized that I would have been more comfortable in a M.
All brands do not size the same. Follow your instinct, not the letters on the label, no one cares if you do XXS or XXL.
love me, love you not

2. Not having enough different bra sizes

Well yes les girls.If only for a single month, your breasts play it more changeable than a politics in full debate of opinions.They go up during your period, can also go down if you lose weight, anyway: do not trust the same size all the time. Especially since it depends on the model and the brand: all brands have a size system that may slightly differ from others.So if you have 75B girlfriend with 85A in your closet, it’s not weird, it’s just perfectly normal.
savage x fenty corset

3. Not taking care of your lingerie

Normally, the best thing is  handwash. But as no one has the time or the faith to do it, everyone is up for washing machine. Ok, but in this case, follow the following rules: washing at 30°C, in a lingerie net, delicate program. Lingerie needs gentle care and loving.
how to avoid lingerie mistakes

4. Focusing on the comfort

Between a good soft cotton panty and a lace tanga, it is clear that there is quite a huge gap. But it doesn’t mean that you have to buy lingerie having in mind “I must look sexy“. The essential is to feel good. So maybe reserve the tanga for “big occassions”, and go for the cotton panties the rest of the time, it’s better for your privacy. And know that it is very sexy too, a slogant cotton panty, believe me.savage x fenty bustier

5. Owning two few lingerie

Of course we all put the same bra every day (even all week, hum). It’s not the end of the world, but it is not ideal either. In the same way that you should change shoes regularly to do good at your feet, you should change your bra as often (and panty, but that, I hope not to teach you, anyway) .

common lingerie mistakes

6. Never leaving your bra

No doubt it’s a magical invention, especially for voluminous breasts. But also know that one or two days of the Week without bra, it is very beneficia l: it avoids your muscles to become lazy, and therefore to have breast that fall earlier. Your chest will be more proudly independent and curved. And above all, DO NOT SLEEP WITH.
savage x fenty lingerie
Well there’s my round up of the 6 most common lingerie mistakes. Are you guilty of any of these? Do you have a bad habit when it comes to lingerie? Let me know in the comments below or give me a Tweet @Melle_Fian.

I was wearing Bustier from Savage x Fenty (which is on sale right now at Zalando!)

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