Nailmatic LAB Experience

Nailmatic LAB Experience

Last week, I got a chance to participate to Nailmatic LAB to create my own nailpolish!! (which I named it after Vietnamese cities)

Nailmatic LAB experience

There are thousands of nail polish references, and yet it is sometimes difficult to find THE color: the right red ton, the blue electric that highlights our tan, the shiny polish of our dreams. Isn’t is frusturing? That is why Nailmatic Lab is launched, the first kit to create nail polish at home. The challenge was significant since nail polish is a complex product, the color of which must not change with time. It is after 2 years of research that the brand has been able to offer this kit. The principle is simple: the box contains bases of clear polish, pigments of liquid colors, nacres to add effects and pipettes to dose.

I already knew the brand but only for its vending machines of polish, but now, to have access to all their products and to learn on the history of nail polish and the colorimetry, well, I found this awesome!

If you are looking for gifts, this is an option! That tonight their polish, a workshop or even a DIY box to create polishes at home, go for it!
You have access to more than 200 nail polish recipes on their website.

Nailmatic LAB experience
We tested and found it very funny to do. A pipette here, a few drops of this and that … The polish evolves with each added drop and it is recommended to proceed by swatching the polish (= depositing a drop on paper to see the result) after each modification of the formula. We really get into the game, and if we do not feel the soul of a colorist, no worries! The brand offers a lot of recipes to get a precise color (for example, the nude can be obtained by mixing orange, purple and white … you must know!).

And the last good news is that, the PURE color range are 84% biobased, 10 free, vegan and cruelty free. Clearly, we love …
Nailmatic LAB experience
Nailmatic LAB experience
For Parisians, a Nailmatic pop-up store will be installed from December 7, 2018 to January 27, 2019 at 12 rue de la Ferronnerie, 75001 Paris. The opportunity to (re)discover the brand and its vegan polish, gift boxes and especially to participate to the workshop (reservation required) to create your own and learn to do it like a pro!

As always, some streetstyle photos to end the post 😉
topshop leopard coat

I was wearing Leopard coat from Topshop (which is on sale on Zalando now)| Leather skirt from Zara | Patent ankle boots from Topshop | Bag from Marc Jacobs

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