Cowboy Boots – This Season Must-have

Cowboy Boots – This Season Must-have

Right now, fashion is getting weird. Like, really quite strange. According to spring summer 18’s trends, we should be wearing transparent plastic (like we got tangled in a shower curtain), geek chic spectacles that look like a toddler has had fun with a glue gun and a bag of diamantes and sequins all-day and all-night. While most of the concepts are eccentric at best and absurd at worst, there is one that on paper sounds truly terrible but in reality is very appealing. Drum roll please…#Cowboyboots. Yes, that pointed toe, low heel, notched leather western footwear has staged a comeback.

Designers have taken a turn due West. Fall’s runways including Calvin Klein, Fendi and Isabel Marant championed the utilitarian boot and now the look has officially hit the street style scene.

Cowboy boots are subversive and sexy more than ever. It’s here to play with conceptions of good taste and turn innocuous outfits into enviably cool ensembles.

Weather you’re a maximalist or a minimalist who prefers a subtle nod to the season’s trends, there is a shoe out there for you. As drops from pre-fall collections become available, the western boot is a great way to transition your wardrobe into cooler temperatures.

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