Jump on the Jumpsuit trend

Jump on the Jumpsuit trend

I am totally here for the Utility Jumpsuit trend this season. It’s an unexpected piece that gives the perfect amount of edge to someone looking to step up their style. This trend is not easy to pull off but once you nail it, your cool factor increases by 1000%!
Successfully pulling off this one-piece (often masculine) is all about perfect styling. It has an industrial feel that needs to be balanced with feminine details like belts, heels, purses, and jewelry to soften the look and add some contrast.
Asos floral jumpsuit
I am wearing a playful jumpsuit from Asos design. The floral print was one of the first things to capture my attention. The loose fit, pocket detail, and hem are the perfect elements to make my utility jumper stand out from the rest.
I mixed with a pair of Uterque pony hair pumps in yellow, and Asos blue sunglasses to create a playful yet edgy look.
fall 2018 trend
asos blue electric sunglasses
viet blogger
By now, your interest is peaked and you are probably wondering how you can pull this look off right?!

Here are my tips on how to nail this masculine, yet on trend jumpsuit :

  1. Buttons down. As the jumpsuit covers almost your entire body, it’s good to show some skin. Sexiness UP Seriousness DOWN
  2. Introduce feminine details such as colorful sunglasses, big ass earrings or bold, gold jewelry.
  3. Sophisticated shoes instantly transform something masculine into something delicate and feminine. I paired my jumpsuit with pumps. But, mules, strappy heels, or leather boots, etc. work perfectly too!

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Jumpsuit to shop
The utility jumpsuit isn’t easy to pull off, but you can totally look amazing in this trend. Believe me, with the right things to create balance, you can look chic, sophisticated and super stylish
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