Back to the Game

Back to the Game

It’s been really quiet around here for the past months. A mixture of pregnancy and new baby arrival have resulted to me not blogging as much as i intended to. Have you all missed me!!!


I imagined so many times that after announcing my pregnancy I’d share a lot of content on the blog. You know, weekly/monthly updates on how MiniChhan and I were doing, babies development, baby girl clothing hauls, the good the bad the ugly about my pregnancy.

But guess what that never happened ;( The reality of it is that this pregnancy had me feeling really tired pretty much all the time, I

had too many hospital appointments as well, so the little time i had i pretty much used it to ether sleep or eat. Not sat in front of my laptop.

Looking back, there’s loads I wish I had shared with you all along this beautiful journey. I could’ve talked about the exciting and not so exciting moments, my fears and my joys, about all the tiny little things i bought for Minichhan.

Someone else must have also been uninspired to blog or write during their pregnancy like myself?


I have always wanted my blog to be personal and relatable. But when I got pregnant there’s nothing more I wanted to do than to be private and just enjoy these ultimate moments.

If you write a lifestyle blog, I’m sure these kind of thoughts are familiar. It’s tough sometimes to decide who you are, who you want your audience to be and what you want to achieve, and remaining consistent for years.

Few weeks ago, whilst breastfeeding my baby that I realised something wonderful.

You don’t have to have it all figured out and you can go back to blogging after having a baby.

It’s okay not to have it all figured out. What direction you want your blog to go, worrying if people actually read your blog, or putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. It has been four months since i had my baby andIi am only just getting myself to a place that I can type this blog post.

So I plan to carry on blogging all my favourite outfits, beauty related posts and now incorporate some mommy posts (i mean i am a #momblogger now). I want to take more photos of myself and my baby girl and share them on the blog, along with all the mini adventures we go on. Even if it’s just to the play centre.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you for taking time out to read my post, hopefully you have learnt a thing or two. Do you fancy another read? Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle
I was wearing  Tie front top from Etophe Studio | Pants from Kiomi | Shoes from Dior | Bag from Ladan

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    Love your all ypur content and tips!! So great that you shared your story!! Every pregnancy is definitely different I can vouch for that!! My first pregnancy with RA it went in to remission and came back plus some after birth. Now on my second pregnancy at 34 weeks, and this time it did not go in to remission, so I am waiting it out to see what will happen after birth. Hopefully it won”t be too bad!!!

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