How Pregnancy Changes My Style

How Pregnancy Changes My Style

Maternity clothes. The phrase alone is enough to make most women shudder with horror.

Looking at pregnant women before I were expecting, remember them appearing “glowing”, “blooming” and all those other superlatives often applied to them – they made it look so easy – which is why my difficulty in maternity dressing has come as something of a surprise (and a depression). Somehow, I lost the spark of joy that clothes used to give me. Even if someone had given me a thousand dollars, and said : Go treat yourself to some nice new thingsĀ I wouldn’t have known where to start. What would suit me? What did I want to look like?

Perhaps this style crisis sounds a little overdramatic, but I truly believe that how we dress is intimately tied up with issues of self-care, body confidence, and our own feelings of self-worth.

When we look better, we feel better and therefore we are better.

I’m thrilled that I’m a mom now, but I do still want to feel good about myself. So, how do you rebuild a sense of personal style from scratch and rediscover the joy of dressing well again, especially when you have limited time and money plus a number of practical requirements for your wardrobe? Below are a few things that I’ve found helpful in the pursuit of feeling happy with your personal style as a new mother.

Maternity wear

Back To Basics

Now that I’m in my third pregnancy, I’ve learned a thing or two about maternity clothes. The first rule of building a maternity wardrobe is that quality basics are essential. These are the pieces you live in for the next nine months (and postpartum), the pieces that grow with you and most importantly make you feel comfortable.

Maternity wear

Know Your Wardrobe Needs

Not only you need to be honest with yourself about your body type, but you also need to be honest with yourself about your practical requirements for clothes during this phase of your life. It’s hard not to be too attached to the way you used to dress; I used to wear a lot of high-waisted jeans, mini skirts and high heels that were prone to snagging and fraying. Opting for tight fitting clothing to really show off my bump and my figure, longer skirts and easy-to-clean fabrics has been a way for me to adapt my old style to my new lifestyle.

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Invest in Accessories

When you don’t have much money to spend on new clothes, it can feel daunting to admit to yourself that you’re not happy with the way you dress. Invest in accessories! That’s what I do : same outfit + different accessories = different looks
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Make Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe helps you know exactly which pieces go well together and is a must for anyone who wants to save time. If you wore ripped jeans before pregnancy or any kind of jean that you loved, then simply find the same style but in maternity. There are so many great maternity jeans out there that accomodate all styles and fits.

I’ve found that having a smaller collection of clothes that I really love and know how to style has taken the stress out of planning an outfit.

Rediscover the Joy of Style

The most important thing to do when you are stuck in a style rut is to discover or rediscover the joy of clothes. Making style boards on Pinterest and collecting images and styling ideas can help you do this, as long as you pin wisely, only selecting styles and colors that you think will suit you.
Maternity wear

Last but not least, don’t limit yourself to just your clothes, as you get bigger, your hair might look really chic (and more slimming) tied up or in a high bun!

I was wearing Off white sweater from H&M (on sale now) | Boyfriend maternity jeans from Asos (on sale too!!)| Silver woven bag from Topshop | Kitten heels from Dior (that I worn here)

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