Is Positive Pregnancy Possible ?

Is Positive Pregnancy Possible ?

Yes you read it right. You might find this super wrong, crazy, unbelievable but the feeling is real : I am no longer happy about being pregnant, and I’m not the only one. Here’s why :

I was extremely happy when I found out I was pregnant. Now I hit 33 weeks, I don’t lie that sometimes I feel completely opposite.

Having a baby is considered such great news, and everyone thinks that you should be feeling happy, and over-the-moon joy since the moment you found out you’re expecting. Because everyone expects you to be so excited, it’s so harder for you to admit that you may also be feeling so many other things. You realize you don’t feel so excited about being pregnant, and you’re wondering what does this mean. “Is there something wrong with me?
Those pictures were taken when I was 4-month-pregnant. I don’t know if I would ever get my figure back. The dreaded morning sickness, the non-stop peeing, the weight gain, the the foot swelling, the stretch marks… This abrupt change of morphology is extremely difficult for me, as if I have to mourn my pre-pregnancy body.

The fact that I don’t feel this excitement about my pregnancy does not mean that I don’t love the little MiniChhan that’s growing inside me.

Well, let me just say…

Being pregnant isn’t an easy ride for me, in fact, for every women.

There are a lot of women who don’t have the desire to post pictures of their bellies or show people ultrasound pictures. Women who don’t want to dream up a million names and go baby shopping. Women who really don’t want to talk about it with the ones around them.

If you’re a mom-to-be and you’re struggling with this too, remember you’re not alone. That’s why I write down this post.

I made a list of easy and instant solutions for “pregnancy is so much fun» moments. Hope that can help you stay ahead of other issues and be unconditionally happy:

1. Feeling your best

It’s not possible to feel on top of the world every day of your pregnancy, but taking a few simple steps can help you feel your best.

  • Exercise: Regular exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and it can be a good reminder of your body’s innate power. You’ll feel better about the way you look, and it will help you bounce back after delivery. Ask your doctor or midwife to suggest some good activities for you (especially if you didn’t exercise regularly before you got pregnant).
  • Adopt a mantra : There’s something to be said for the power of positive thinking. It may sound silly, but tell yourself “I’m one hot mama” often enough, and you’ll start to believe it!

2. Share the joy

Ask other women what they love about pregnancy. Talk with your doctor or midwife about the beautiful births they’ve attended. Avoid horror stories. If someone insists on sharing an awful experience, ask, “Would you do it again?” Often, women with the worst stories have several more babies.

3. Stay away from negative people

Some people and situations are often referred to as ‘toxic’ because of the way they make you feel.

  • Hanging around with people who are pessimists and surviving in an environment that is laden with hopelessness is a huge disaster if you are pregnant.
  • Stay away from negative words, thoughts and actions, and most importantly, people who demonstrate them.
  • This is no time to indulge in extra stress and cause burden to your mind and heart.

4. Looking your best

These strategies for looking good will add to your confidence and have you turning heads. I always believe that : If you dress better, you feel better and you become better.

  • Dress for success : Fortunately, there are lots of stylish maternity clothes these days, so there’s no need to look frumpy. The trick is to pick the most flattering ones.
  • Accentuate the positive : If your legs are gorgeous, flaunt them in a short dress. Upper arms like Michelle Obama’s? Show them off with a sleeveless shirt or shift. Proud of your décolletage? Highlight it with a scoop-neck top.
  • Add glam : Buy new clothes, do makeup, dye your hair (with bio products of course)…

5. Enjoy All That Preparation

Before the arrival of your baby, you will be busy making plans. Right from arranging the nursery to shopping for pregnancy and your baby, you will be full of excitement as you plan and sort things. Enjoy the preparations to the fullest!! Relish every moment as you expend on your needs and that of your baby’s.

6. If all else fails, blame the hormones

Sometimes, no matter what you try, everything seems wrong, changes overwhelm, and you just can’t cope. It’s all normal — indulge yourself. Cry. Rage. Then send your partner out for ice cream while you enjoy a warm bath surrounded by candles.

Photos credit : Ju Link from Aube Photography

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