My 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals

Happy New Year everyone 🎊 How was your holiday? I hope you all had a fabulous cosy happy time with your beloved ones 💞 This year I stayed in Paris instead of going back to Vietnam🇻🇳 because of the pregnancy thing, it might be too risky to take a 12-hours flight 🚀

I’ve just read Aimee Song’s 2018 first post “5 things I learned in 2017 and 2018 resolution” and I think it’s a great way to start off a new year by writing down :


1. Read more

To be honest, I’ve rarely been patient enough to finish a book, a serie or even a movie 🎥🎞 I always have problem with concentration. Recently, I read again : starting with every maternity book  that I get my hand on, then some vietnamese novels to enrich my vocabulary. You know what? Turn out I really enjoy it! Reading is the most effective way to reduce stress. Silently reading for only 6 minutes can reduce nervousness and tension by more than 60%. The quality of sleep, creativity, level of happiness, communication with others improve. Everything is summarized on this sheet. I’ll definitely read more this year! 📖
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2. Laugh more & grow creativity

It might seem these two things have nothing in commun at first. Actually, like innovation, humor borrows a path of thought very different from classical logic. Derision, association of ideas, exaggeration; laughter and laughter mobilize areas of the right hemisphere of our brain that are also those of creativity.

3. Stop being “sorry” & say “thank you” instead

Sorry to be late” becomes “Thank you for waiting for me
Sorry to have canceled dinner” becomes “Thank you for being understanding
The outlook on the situation is changing and tensions are easing.

4. Eat healthy & Exercise

I had a very unhealthy life and lots of bad habits before. After knowing about Minichhan’s existence (haha👼) I eat more fruits and vegetable, drink more water. IT is recommended to activate for 7 minutes every day🏋 7 minutes of physical activity are enough to think better, straighten our happiness curve, reduce stress and improve the image that we have of ourselves. My way of workout : go to the pool, walk as much as I can, always turn on the music so I can dance whenever I want 👯

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5. More getaway

It seems difficult, even impossible with the newborn MiniChhan. But I still have high hope (with the grand parents’ help😜). You can’t imagine how much I miss Vietnam, the sea, the food, the people… Plus, the peak of happiness is not during the holidays but when we plan it! Anticipation increases the level of happiness and the effect lasts 8 weeks. If you ever wanted a good excuse …

6. Most importantly : Be a good mom

I don’t know what “Good parents” means exactly. I don’t aim to be the best mother or whatsoever.  No matter how many I read, how many small talks I have with my friends and family… I can’t say I’m 100% ready. Motherhood is such a new chapter for me. I guess it’s how life is : Just do it and make it happen, don’t wait for the right thing, the right moment to come. For 2018 and years to come, I just want Minichhan to be a healthy, happy kid. She can cry, jump, do silly things, stay by his daddy’side and be against me (cause I know I’ll have to play the bad role👻), I know we’ll love each other unconditionally & stay (strong) together 💪


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