Sequin Skirt with a Sweater Combo

Sequin Skirt with a Sweater Combo

A sequin skirt with a sweater is a very popular thing to wear in the fall or winter. It’s one of my favorite combos of all time! Whether you’re heading to a creative office place or out to drinks afterward, , it’s a cute way to look feminine, chic, bold and feel comfy at the same time 💃

Sequin midis today are even more popular than minis as they look no less sexy. Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a flowing A-line one, it will look amazing with a comfy crop or oversized sweater. A sequin midi can be paired with sneakers 👟, yes, you read it right, don’t think that it’s only a girlish thing to wear with heels 👠
hm-sweater + sequin skirt

My mix & match tip is to choose a silver, gold, emerald or multicolor one and pair it with a comfy oversized sweater. As this is a bold item itself, keep it simple by wearing a calm shade of sweater: grey, white, beige or black one; but if you want a bold holiday statement, pair a gold sequin skirt with a red sweater. Black tights will contrast with your colorful skirt and make your legs look

Sequined skirt + Sweater combo

I had a tough time, though, deciding between the classic grey and lurex green sweater. I figured the grey would match the color of the skirt and unify the whole look, but then I tried on the green one and realized that they brought out the color of the sequins much better. Why not playing around a little bit with this colorful skirt?!  What do you guys think?

I was wearing Green sweater from H&M | Multicolor sequin skirt from H&M | Suede Boots from Isabel Marant

P/s : I made some suggestions on my YayMiu Facebook Page, if you’re a fan of this stylish combo just like I am, make sure to check it out 😉

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