Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant, experiencing weight fluctuations or a growth spurt, stretch marks are a universal (and unisex) problem.

Want to know how to get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks, as the name suggests, occur when skin is stretched quicker than normal. When this happens collagen and elastin, which keeps skin supple, struggles to produce at the same rate as the stretching, which tears the middle layer, or dermis, of the skin. They begin as red or purple marks, which fade to silvery white lines and a slight groove in the surface of the skin. It is for this reason that people with darker skin often have the most prominent stretch marks. The good thing is they’re completely harmless – they just don’t look too appealing. The best possible way to prevent stretch marks is to keep the skin supple and flexible during periods of growth 💦 But, you should also know that the development of stretch marks can be genetic.

When I announce my pregnancy, everyone warns me about stretch marks that I need to take care of my skin as soon as possible. Stretch marks are quite a challenge to treat as they are a form of scar tissue. Prevention is definitely better than cure, so being aware of the dangers of their causes is one factor, while also moisturising and massaging the skin can be helpful, particularly during pregnancy. For very deep, long-standing depressions, you might need a professional treatment with microneedling or laser, but I believe the act of applying stretch mark creams has a localised benefit as the massage stimulates blood supply in the area.

So after several searches, this Weleda Stretch Marks Massage Oil comes on top of my pregnancy shopping list 🛍


Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil is a nutrient-rich, all-natural oil that nourishes, visibly increases skin elasticity, moisturizes and smoothes skin as your baby grows. Regular use helps aid in the prevention of stretch marks on the tummy, thighs, belly, buttocks and diminishes the visible appearance of stretch marks.

What’s inside (and what isn’t)?

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of 100% natural ingredients, including: sweet almond oïl 🌰(delivers deep moisture and essential fatty acids that keep skin supple), jojoba, vitamin E and wheat germ oils. There’s also a firming arnica extract.

Texture and fragrance

The precious, soothing oils of rose, neroli, myrrh and frankincense unfold a complex perfume. It’s a pure formula in harmony with your body through a wondrous time. This is a fast-running oil that smells of orange blossoms and roses🌹
While there are the few that can’t handle any fragrance while pregnant, I find this oil have an incredible smell which relaxes, calms mom-to-be and makes me feel as though I’m having a luxurious experience 💆🏻💖

How to use

The manufacturer suggests using it several times a day, from the beginning of pregnancy up to the end of the breastfeeding period, using with light, circular movements over tummy, thighs, bottom and breasts. Personally, once a day is enough for me, still it works incredibly well.

Will it break the bank? 💰

I got it on sale for half price but the original price is 18 euros for a 100ml ounce bottle. So okay, this isn’t exactly cheap and you’ll want to be careful when pouring as this comes out of the bottle quickly 💸 That is steep, but you don’t need to use that much in a go.

Why I love it 😍

  • Absolutely does the job
  • Features all natural ingredients
  • Love the smell
  • Super moisturizing
  • Above all, I love that it absorbs quickly and well, leaving your skin soft and your clothes safe 👚👖 Since it’s 100% natural, I don’t see any reason to stop using it after pregnancy (aka breastfeeding period 🍼👶)

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