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Check Mate

Girls, let’s all be trend whores together!
If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram in the past few weeks, you’ve seen it happen before your very eyes. The moment Fall hit, it was like every fashion blogger got the same memo: Plaid is the new velvet—but only in outerwear form. Plaid isn’t exactly something new, nor is it something missing from most of our wardrobes. Much like your trusty pair of jeans, blazers never go out of fashion.
Lucky for me, I didn’t throw out this Agnès B checkered blazed I wore the last time it was in style (circa 2009 ⏰). Whether to pair the blazer with a matching skirt or trouser, I wanted to go classic and dress it down with a white t-shirt 👚 and ripped jeans 👖. It’s an effortless, photo-worthy look every single time 📷
Did you know that I had not 1 but 3 new piercing in my left ear thiss summer👂? Now I am so amused playing mix and match with different kind of earrings like I did with this look.
I was wearing Plaid Blazer from Agnès B | White shirt from H&M | Ripped short from Asos | Banane bag from Gucci | Earrings from Claire’s

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