7 Tricks to Look Taller

7 Tricks to Look Taller

1. If you’re going short, go short!

When you’re petite, it’s just a fact that when it comes to skirts and dresses you should either go super-long, or super-short (translation: avoid calf-length and knee-lengths). Mini-skirts show more skin, which creates the illusion of a longer leg.
Of course, if you’re wearing a mini, make sure it’s not offensively short let’s keep it chic, ladies.

2. Rock a top knot!

Obvious, yes, but piling your hair on top of your head really does gives a taller impression. But in addition to that, it clears your neck, you see your face better. Same goes for hair that’s simply voluminous it adds inches! Time to put away that flatiron, friends.top-knot-look-taller

3. Try flared jeans.

Fitted jeans with a distinct flare at the bottom create the illusion of a longer leg especially when the hem hits the top of your shoes (heels, of course!) The trick here is to keep the fit of the jean super-slim through the leg, and to make sure the waistband hits your natural waist not any lower. For optimal height, be sure to pair your flares with a waist-length top, or a blouse you can tuck in.

4. Wear pointy shoes.

Since nobody can be expected to wear sky-high heels every day, petite gals should invest in a pair of pointy flats. Why? Because it’s a known fact that shoes with pointed toes lengthen your leg line.


5. Say Yes to high-waist bottoms!

High-waist bottoms can trick the eye into thinking you’re taller by elongating your lower body. Whether you choose skirts, shorts or skinny jeans, be sure to make the elevated waist visible by tucking in a tailored blouse, or opting for a slightly cropped top.


6. All monochrome everything.

Perfectly pairing contrasting items of the same color is a superb trick to enhance the appearance of your height.

7. Chop your hair.

Long hair drags petite girls down, while shorter hair does the opposite. It shows off your shoulders and your neckline, which makes you look taller (plus, it’s so chic!).



I hope these little tips help.And remember, my friend, it’s not about trying to be someone else.

There is NOTHING wrong with being short, and anyone who says there is, is obviously very immature and insecure about their own self-worth. Be comfortable with your body!

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